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Sunit Suchdev

Hi! Im Sunit (pronounced Sun-eet) and I’m the host of the “Modern Mommy Prepschool” podcast. I inspire moms to prepare for motherhood so they don’t end up losing themselves. I am passionate about encouraging women to parent with purpose, pursue their passions, and live a more mindful and healthy life, all while raising awesome kids.

Once I got pregnant, I suddenly became hyper aware that what I was putting on my skin was being absorbed into my body and possibly also affecting my babies. I had a huge wake up call and became hyper vigilant about reading labels and being aware of what I was putting on my skin.  I am obsessed with the Modern Hippie products and absolutely LOVE the soaps! But if I had to pick one superstar product, I would say, the Whipped Body Butter is my fave! Where was this when I was pregnant??!!! 

When I'm not in the studio recording or editing, I am busy being a wife to my super cool husband and mom to twin boys. I’m still obsessed with skincare and am a lover of fashion and all things girly. I am a speaker and an author and offer personal life coaching services to new and expecting moms. 

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Dan Bevan

My name is Dan Bevan, known to the social media world as "Strongjaws". I am a full-time bar manager in Vancouver, part-time underwear model, and Artist.

"Keeping up appearances" in my industry is extremely important, and the only skin care products that I use are Modern Hippie! What hooked me in was the Face Cleanser - nothing had ever made my face feel so smooth. Then the sugar body scrub (previously, I had been using salt body scrub before which dried out my skin and burnt like hell after shaving) - the Pink Grapefruit Sugar Scrub does nothing but exfoliate and hydrate. I also use the Toner every morning and the Liquid Gold Face Serum every night. Everything I use is gentle on my very sensitive skin, and best of all, its all eco-friendly, so it's gentle on the earth 🙂

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Jo Moore

Hello there! My name is Jo. I am a former West-coaster living in Alberta. I am the creator, operator, and boss behind Hamilton Co. I have been designing clothing and home goods for almost ten years.

Fun fact, before I went to school for Fashion Design I was an aesthetician. I spent four years working with various skin and beauty lines from all over the world. Modern Hippie products are my all time favourite in every way. Alberta weather is harsh on anyone's skin, I struggled to find products that would not just maintain my skin but improve it.

I consistently use five Modern Hippie products in my daily routine and my skin has never looked or felt better. I love all of them but I am obsessed with the pink grapefruit and bergamot exfoliating sugar scrub. It smells delicious and has just the right ratio of scrub to slip when using.

I strongly believe in supporting Canadian handcrafted companies and this is one of them. Cheers!

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Meagen Ashley

Hi there! I’m Meagen Ashley and I’m a blogger, an elementary teacher, and a holistic nutrition student from Alberta, Canada.

After healing my own autoimmune disease and skin issues through a real food diet, I started a food blog in an effort to help others. Since then, I have expanded my healing journey to include greener and cleaner cleaning products, skincare and cosmetics.

In 2015, I stumbled across the Modern Hippie Website and I have been using Carly’s products ever since. My favourite Modern Hippie product is the Liquid Gold Rejuvenating Face Serum. It works to balance my acne prone and sensitive combination skin even in the dry Alberta winters. My second favourite product is the Whipped Body Butter as it absorbs quickly, moisturizes even the driest skin all while tasting good enough to eat. 


You can connect with me on  Instagram, Facebook, and on my website.

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Cobi Vaughn

Hi, I'm Cobi, I'm a small town girl at heart but currently live in beautiful Vancouver, BC. I love being outside in nature hiking, riding bikes, strolling the seawall, and lounging on the beach.

I wear many different hats in this life but being a mother is number one. Along with being an accountant, a plant based CBBF bikini competitor, published fitness model, and environmental enthusiast.

I  switched to a greener healthier life two years ago and on that journey discovered Modern Hippie. The first products I tried were the facial cleaner, lavender face moisturizer, lip balm and sunblock. These are still my favourite products and I use them daily!

Inspiring others and sharing knowledge about how to live a simple green healthy life is my passion!

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Lindsay Vanderlee

I am an east coast girl living on the beautiful west coast . I am a mother of 3 busy boys and also the owner of the Suncoast Glow studio where I specialize in Organic Airbrush Tanning and Sunnasmile all-natural teeth whitening.

I am a lover of all things healthy, beauty and fitness and am passionate about green beauty and providing safe alternatives to harmful conventional services and products.

I am thrilled to to be part of the Modern Hippie Ambassador Program as I feel I can learn even more about safe and sustainable living and skin care!

I love the Modern Hippie Skin Care Line and if I had to choose one product as my favorite, it would be the Hydrating Facial Toner with Rose Water and Lavender. I love how moisturized and fresh my face feels after using it and it smells absolutely amazing.

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Michelle C.

I am a wife and mother of 2 who runs a food recipe blog Sift & Simmer (www.siftandsimmer.com), which is focused on made-from-scratch, healthy, organic, all-natural food. What you’ll always find in my kitchen are organic eggs, organic coconut oil, and organic honey.

My choice to switch to organics first started with food more than 10 years ago, and then spread to lotions, shampoos, and makeup when I read the book Ecoholic Body by Adria Vasil. Since then, I’ve been conscientious of what I put into and onto my body.

I strive to avoid non-GMO, processed food, artificial colouring, synthetic dyes, preservatives, and believe in eating organic whole foods and using greener, sustainable, natural home cleaning products. My belief is that if I can't eat it, then it isn’t safe to put into ourselves.

In searching for local, sustainable, healthy skin care alternatives -- I found Modern Hippie Health & Wellness products were the perfect fit for my lifestyle: all-natural, non-toxic, and safe for my entire family. My favourite product from MHHW is the Exfoliating Peppermint Sugar Scrub!

Aside from spending time with my husband and 2 young boys, I also enjoy yoga and photography.

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Shayla Wiebe

Hey there! My name is Shayla, my family and I live on a farm in the West Kootenays. We live an all natural and plant based lifestyle. My husband and I feel strongly that our decision will have a tremendous and positive impact on our children's future livelihood.

I remember the first time I caught wind of Carly's movement and the MH product line. I felt sense of reassurance that I was not alone in my passion for a natural and sustainable life. It's so helpful to have products not only align with my personal values but they are truly tested until perfect. My favourites from MH include the pit stick and all of the face care.

I am honoured to help spread the word about this brand. I love everything that MH stands for and I cant wait to shout it.
How cool is it to be a part of such big ideas surrounding a small footprint.


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Leah Goard

I am a lifestyle designer, business strategist, serial entrepreneur, professional organizer, writer, speaker and mom in hot pursuit of the multi – layered answer to what it takes to truly thrive.

As the driving force behind my company Define, Design, Align – I am passionately devoted to helping courageous individuals and entrepreneurs find clarity and direction, reclaim their time, cultivate financial freedom, create abundant lives and flourishing businesses.

I choose Modern Hippie Health and Wellness products for three simple reasons: the products work, they are sustainably made using high quality, all natural ingredients and the MHHW brand, philosophy and values are in complete alignment with my own. 

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Carly Bertram

Hello! My name is Carly, and I am a 28 year old Registered Nurse living on Vancouver Island. Health and Wellness are integral aspects of my lifestyle, and I strive for a balance of both through means of physical activity, a plant based diet, and by living green.

More than anything, I believe in listening to your body to find out what works best for you as an individual, and committing to a lifelong journey of self-improvement. 

In recent years, I have become very aware of the many benefits of natural home and skin care products, which is why the Modern Hippie and Wellness Brand is a perfect fit for me.

Caitlin Profile

Caitlin Tranminh

Hello from Vietnam!

I'm Caitlin, a mama of an almost one year old girl and a wife of a traveling YouTuber. We moved from Gibsons, British Columbia to Hanoi, Vietnam in December 2016 after quitting our 9-5 jobs and selling all of our belongings. We are exploring this beautiful country as it allows us to grow our business in YouTube and blogging.

I am a firm believer in family life and keeping things exciting but simple. I've known Carly for years and when she started making products and posting her recipes, I WAS HOOKED! Every recipe I followed turned out exactly as she had described, and I make and use the whipped body butter religiously.

Once Summer was born, I stuck with Carly and her products and they are the only thing I use on my baby. I know exactly what is in them and where they come from which is extremely important for me and my family.

The baby powder is an amazing alternative to the other harsh products available in stores and works like a CHARM. Summer has never had a diaper rash (knock on wood!) and I owe it all to MHHW.

Ig: @livelovemomblog
Facebook: Live, Love, Mom

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Loriel Adams

Hi, I'm Loriel! My family and I are on a  journey to a more natural life and I hope to inspire those around me by sharing our stories on my blog, Naturally Loriel. I live an abundant life with my husband Scott, two children, Andrew and Layla, and a flock of chickens. I'm a dreamer of self-sufficiency, a lover of all things sweet, and have a knack for story-telling.

I'm also the owner/hand-crafter of The Real Pantry, a business that creates real food spice blends, baking mixes made with the ancient grain Einkorn, and other real food pantry goods. All the ingredients used are high-quality, organic, and sustainably grown, but we take the most pride in that every single one of our products are made with simple, real food ingredients. Our real food is designed to fit perfectly in your real life!

I believe it's just as important to be conscious of what we're putting iour bodies as it be conscious of what we're putting on them. This is why our family has made the switch to natural skin care products, and I look forward to representing the Modern Hippie Skin Care brand!