Fermented Food Guide: the basics + 19 beginner recipes

Sourdough Pizza Crust

When in doubt, make pizza. That’s our moto! Okay, not really, but it should be. We eat A LOT of homemade, sourdough pizza – at least one per week. It’s an easy go-to dinner,  and a great way to use your sourdough starter that’s been building up! Best of all, there’s no such thing as pizza-rules! Make it however you like, with whatever you have! Heck, I’m sure a pickle and tuna pizza would even be good, most people have those ingredients on hand–like a big, tuna melt… yummm big tuna melt (can you tell I’m starving as I write…
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Chocolate-y Blender Muffins {sugar-free, gluten-free}

  Okay, I just can’t keep this recipe to myself any longer. I’ve been making back-to-back batches of these chocolate-y blender muffins for 3 days, and the three of us have been snacking on them for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!! And yes, I said it, I used the word chocolate and breakfast in the same sentence. It’s blasphemy isn’t it? All these years I’ve been bashing Coco-Puffs for claiming that their sugar-filled, chocolate cereal is part of a “complete breakfast.” The nerve of me! But guess what? These muffins are sugar-free and gluten-free…but you would never know it because they’re…
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Chocolate-y Blender Muffins

Sprouted Spelt Banana Bread

Seriously, who doesn’t like banana bread? It’s easy to make, a great way to use up ripe bananas, healthy-ish (when the right ingredients are involved), and everybody likes it–win-win all around! The sprouted spelt banana bread in the picture is already half gone–only two minutes after this sexy loaf finished his photo shoot. As I write this, my husband shouts, “husband-approved,” and my daughter is covered in crumbs, with our mini-daschund, Ladybug, trailing behind her, which means that this sprouted spelt banana bread, healthy substitutions and all, is a success.

Sprouted Spelt Banana Bread

Fudgy Black Bean Brownies

You would never guess that these fudgy black bean brownies were healthy, and will fool even the most sophisticated sweet tooth! I served them at Christmas, and made them yesterday for my hubby for Valentine’s Day (with raspberry, cream cheese icing) and they were an absolute hit!