Fermented Food Guide: the basics + 19 beginner recipes

No Grocery Store/Eat Local Challenge

Do you remember last summer when I shared my family’s experience about our summer without visiting the grocery store, and strictly relied on food from local gardens and farmer’s markets? If you don’t, you can read alllll about it here – Our 2014 No Grocery Store Challenge. To sum it up, last summer, as an incentive to eat cleaner, support local farmers, and decrease our ecological footprint, we set up a challenge for ourselves that included a vacation away from grocery stores and supermarkets. This included the butcher, drug stores, corner stores, etc. … essentially, anywhere where there’s a roof and tax.

10 Reasons to Spring Clean with Norwex

I don’t know what it is, but the transition into spring gives me and overwhelming urge to clean and purge! It must be the way the sun hits sticky finger prints and illuminates dust this time of year…or maybe something psychological entices me to start fresh, clear the cobwebs, wipe the slate clean, so to speak, at the change of the season. Whatever the reason, spring cleanliness has got a hold on me, right in time to discover a certain, revolutionary, cleaning tool. I’d heard rumours about these super-duper-cleaning-cloths from friends, and now I see what all of the fuss is…
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Why I Ditched the Bag & Switched to Loose Leaf Tea

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you order something from one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission, but this does not effect the price for you. I also received a free Libre Tea mug to “test,” and, sincerely, like it so much that I chose to include a review on it – all opinions are my own. Read my full disclosure here.   I never thought I’d say it, seeing as how I’ve been a total coffee addict for the past decade, but, I’m a “tea person.” Which, of course, is totally different from…
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Why I Switched to Loose Leaf Tea

Our 6 Week “No Grocery Store Challenge”

Are you tired of your weekly grocery store routine? Do you wish to eat more local, organic food? Do you need a reason to stop buying processed snacks and meals? Do you want to know where your food comes from? Do you want to feel great? Well if you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then you may want to consider a No Grocery Store Challenge too! Does this sound like an infomercial? Sorry, let me explain…

5 Reason Why I Love My Diva Cup!

Warning: this conversation is not for boys or immature women. I will be talking about periods, tampons and vaginas. Okay, so there’s your warning. I have to write this post, even though I know my friends are cringing, just as I did when my mom told me about the Diva Cup for the first time, because it has

10 All-Natural Air Fresheners for Your Home!

Part of living greener and detoxing you life includes replacing your synthetic “air-fresheners” with all-natural, non-toxic versions. Even if you’re not in to living a “modern hippie lifestyle,” synthetic fragrances should always be avoided! They contain formaldehyde (a known carcinogen), naphthalene (a suspected carcinogen), toluene (known to cause liver and kidney damage) and xylene (a neurotoxin). Synthetic fragrances include scented candles, spray-air fresheners, plug-ins, car-fresheners, and anything else that may have an artificial fragrance.

10 All-Natural Air Fresheners for your Home

Soaking Your Produce, and The Dirty Dozen

Growing up, I never heard my parents say, “don’t eat your fruits and vegetables, they’re not good for you.” But as a parent today, it’s something I have to consider when buying produce for my family.

Do You Soak Your Produce?

Fermentation 101: The Very Basics on Fermenting Food

If you’re not already excited about fermentation, then you will be soon! My insatiable desire to educate myself on the subject has allowed me to become fairly confident in many areas of fermentation, and now I’d like to share that knowledge with you! There is just something so incredibly satisfying about being able to preserve your own food without, well, preservatives, while simultaneously making them healthier. But First… What is Fermentation?

Fermentation 101: The Very Basics on Fermenting Food

The Only 3 Household Cleaners You Need!

When my daughter started crawling, and putting everything she could find in her mouth, I really started questioning our household cleaning products. Although I had an idea that they were somewhat toxic, I never realized the full extent of their destruction until I started to do more research.  Turns out, the common household, multi-purpose cleaner is far more toxic than I’d imagined, and inside the home, it’s our little ones, pets, and elderly who suffer from these products the most.

Homemade, Eco-friendly, Liquid Laundry Soap

First of all, it’s important to know why you should STOP buying laundry detergent and START making it… Laundry detergent is toxic for your health and the environment. Plain and simple. Your laundry room is said to be the most toxic room in your home, and for good reason. Laundry detergent contains many toxins and carcinogens that can be absorbed into your skin just by wearing your clothes, or breathing in the “fresh” laundry air. Just listing the ingredients in commercial detergents, and the effect that they have on your body and the environment, says it all! Here are some of…
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