Fermented Food Guide: the basics + 19 beginner recipes

9 Safe Ways to Freshen the Air in Your Home

As seen in the June, 2017 issue of Sunshine Coast Living Magazine! It was soon after my daughter was born that my journey to a cleaner, greener life began. I remember the day when I first became aware of the toxic slew of chemicals that I harbored in my home, and the day I made my very first DIY cleaner with just two simple ingredients – vinegar and water. That day started it all for me, actually – as soon as I made that first cleaner, I was hooked – hooked on DIY, hooked on detoxifying my home and living…
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9 Safe Ways to Freshen the Air in Your Home

Four Fabulous Uses for Dandelions (That Don’t Involve Pesticides)

As seen in the May 2017 issue of Sunshine Coast Living Magazine! When you see dandelions, what is the first thing that comes to mind? “Nice! Bee food!” or “Those leaves will be great in a salad!” or “I’m running low on coffee.. I wonder how long the root is ?” If you’re the majority of the population, probably none of the above because we’re a society that’s demonized the dandelion and probably even cursed at it and sprayed it with poison at least a few times in our lives.

Four Fabulous Uses for Dandelions

Dandelion Gardening Salve

Most of us are brought up to believe that dandelions are the enemy. Whether you pull them out or spray them with pesticides, they’re likely not a welcome addition to your well-manicured lawn. But contrary to popular belief, the dandelion is actually pretty remarkable. According to a recent article by CBC News, a biochemist at the University of Windsor has just been given a $217,000 grant to continue studying how effective dandelion root extract is in fighting cancer. Researchers have already shown how “repeated treatment with low dose dandelion root extract was effective in killing most of the cancerous cells.”

Dandelion Gardening Salve

DIY Disinfecting Glass & Surface Cleaner

This DIY Disinfecting Glass & Surface Cleaner is much more than a brilliant solution to disinfected floors and sparkling window. No, for me, it represents a major milestone in my life! “Did she just say that her floor cleaner represents a major milestone in her life?” Yup, I did! I remember the day clearly…. I was pregnant with my daughter, and washing my floors with a commercial floor cleaner that was purple, reeked of artificial fragrance and was giving me a splitting headache. And at that moment it hit me! “Breathing in this toxic, cleaner CANNOT be good for my baby…or…
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5 Ingredients to Keep Out of Your Diaper Bag

From the moment we find out we’re going to be parents, whether it be our first child or our last, there’s always an overwhelming amount of emotions that flood us. The love we have for our children from the moment we hear they will be in our lives is almost instant. We as parents will do almost anything to keep our little ones safe. Yet sometimes it can be a little tricky when deciding what products to use and to keep around, especially in the diaper bag.

6 Reasons to Feed Your Pet Open Farm Pet Food

There’s no questioning the bond between pet and owner. Our little fur-babies become our most reliable friend, softest shoulder to cry on, buddy to play with, and they love us unconditionally. When I got Charles, a miniature Daschund (@sausagedogcharles), I was going through a bit of a rough patch in my life. It was my last semester at University and I was in the middle of exams, when my long-term boyfriend broke up with me and I was forced to move out, which left me couch-surfing. During that same week, my Grandad, whom I was very close with, past away suddenly….
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6 Reasons to Feed Your Pet Open Farm Pet Food

5 Fabulous Essential Oil Blends for Fall

Fall is a stunning time of year – leaves are changing colour, the air is cool and feels purified, pumpkin spice is back in every form, and I can start burning my favourite fall essential oil blends, which, for whatever reason, only seems appropriate during this time of year.

Essential Oil Blends for Fall

Why I don’t Make My Own Makeup (and What I Use Instead)

As you probably know, I’m passionate about health and the environment, but what exactly makes me a “Modern Hippie”? Makeup is the perfect example. Unlike plain ol’ stereotypical hippies, who don’t wear makeup (or deodorant or shoes…), I DO wear makeup. Not all the time, but definitely when I’m hitting the town with the ladies, feeling (and looking) a little tired, or when my confidence just needs a bit of a boost. And not just any makeup will do, either – I’m pretty picky about quality. The “Hippie” in “Modern Hippie” represents the fact that, even when it comes to makeup, I’m still…
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3 Awesome Ways to Re-Purpose Mesh Produce Bags

As Scarlett (the three year old) played at daycare, and Ruby (the 4 month old) slept soundly in her swing, I set out into the yard with a camera hanging from my neck and a bag full of bags in hand. This is the life of a blogger – while the kids are occupied, we set out to take pictures of what many on-lookers would consider to be fairly insane. Today I felt particularly nuts, and smiled at the thought of what my neighbours would think it they peered through the hedges and saw me photographing old, mesh produce bags,…
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Composting at Home: 4 Tips for Beginner Composters

Composting at home gives you an opportunity to decrease your household’s carbon footprint by reducing landfill waste as well as reducing kitchen and yard waste—and the compost you make can be used to optimize the health, growth, and longevity of your landscape’s foliage overall by introducing beneficial organisms to the soil and providing an effective alternative to chemical fertilizers. Modernize has put together the following checklist to help you create a convenient and effective composting system for your household:

Composting for Beginners