Fermented Food Guide: the basics + 19 beginner recipes

Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade

As warm and wonderful as it is, summer certainly tests our will-power at every level. Although it’s both convenient and satisfying to slam back a cold, cola, sports drink or beer on a hot, summer day (speaking from experience here), they’re not good for your bikini-bod or health. Thankfully, there is an alternative, and it’s just as thirst-quenching – there really won’t be anything more refreshing and nourishing than naturally fermented, homemade, Raspberry Lemonade for your August long-weekend. The Benefits of a Naturally Fermented Beverage Fermentation is a beautiful thing. I can be seen talking about it at social events, parties…
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How to Make Apple Cider Vinegar

Like many fermented foods, apple cider vinegar is simple, nutritious, and very inexpensive to make. To make apple cider vinegar, I use the apple scraps (peelings and cores) left over from making apple sauce and apple pie. It’s a great way to utilize the scraps and makes for a nutrient dense apple cider vinegar! I was over the moon when Heather asked if I wanted to share my Apple Cider Vinegar recipe on her blog, Mommypotamus,  a few months back. She is, after all, one of my blogging inspirations. Find out How to Make Apple Cider Vinegar HERE!

How to Make Apple Cider Vinegar

How to Make Fruit Kvass

I’ve lined of some great guest posts for the next several weeks to give me a chance to rest during the last week of my pregnancy and when the baby is born. Today’s post is written by Celeste Longacre – author, mother and master of sustainable living. I know you’ll enjoy this recipe for Fruit Kvass as much as I do! (Photos are my own). Decades ago I became convinced that, if I wanted to have a healthy body, I needed to put the right kind of fuel in it – real food. Further study led me to learn that growing…
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How to Make Fermented Hot Sauce

Ever since I was a young, I’ve had a love for spicy food. I was always that odd kid who’d reach for the jalapeno chips, load my hot dogs with banana peppers, and add hot sauce to most dishes. I remember at one point, around grade four, my gums stared to recede and pieces of flesh in my mouth would actually turn white and fall off from all of the spicy food that I ate (sorry for the visual but I really wanted to put things into perspective for you haha!). It was probably due the fact that I ate cream cheese and banana peppers on toast almost every…
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How to Make Ginger Beer

There was a time, over half a decade ago, when I was a diet-cola-aholic. There. I said it. I’m not proud of it, but honestly, I didn’t really know any better. At the time, I was going to University and enjoyed the extra caffeine kick while studying. I figured that because it had zero calories it was good-to-go, and as I mention in my “about me” section, back then, being skinny ranked higher on the priority list then being healthy. Luckily, as a grew older (and wiser), and my focus switched from outer appearance to inner health, the soda was weaned…
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How to Make Ginger

How to Make a Ginger Bug for Homemade Fermented Soda

Making homemade ginger beer is a two-step process that begins with a ginger bug, which is the starter culture that’s required to make ginger beer (just as kombucha uses a SCOBY and probiotic lemonade uses whey), and consists of concoction fresh ginger, water and sugar. Why is it called a “bug”? I really have no idea….maybe because it’s crawling with live micro-organisms? That’s actually kind of creepy to think about, pretend I didn’t say that.

Ginger Bug horizontal

Rosemary and Cheese Sourdough Crackers

Even before I made sourdough bread, I made rosemary and cheese sourdough crackers. They were an instant hit with my family, and I have proud memories of making them for the first time, knowing that they were replacing our regular store bought brands. I made these crackers in what I like to call “phase 2” of my cleaner, greener living journey – the pillaging the pantry of all processed and preservative-filled foods phase (“phase 1” was ridding the house of toxic chemicals and cleaners.)

Sourdough Pizza Crust

When in doubt, make pizza. That’s our moto! Okay, not really, but it should be. We eat A LOT of homemade, sourdough pizza – at least one per week. It’s an easy go-to dinner,  and a great way to use your sourdough starter that’s been building up! Best of all, there’s no such thing as pizza-rules! Make it however you like, with whatever you have! Heck, I’m sure a pickle and tuna pizza would even be good, most people have those ingredients on hand–like a big, tuna melt… yummm big tuna melt (can you tell I’m starving as I write…
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Jalapeño Salsa {Lacto-Fermented}

Fermenting this jalapeño salsa was the best thing that I ever could have done for it! Sure, you don’t have to ferment it, but by doing so, you’re enhancing the flavours, boosting the nutrients, and naturally preserving it. Non-fermented, it may only last a few days in your fridge, but by fermenting it, it will stay fresh for several weeks!

How to Make a Sourdough Starter

Over the past year or so, sourdough has become a rising star in our family’s household. Actually, about three-quarters of the grains that we eat have be “soured.” Pizza crusts, pot-pies, crackers, burger buns, pancakes, dinner rolls, and even cake–all made using a sourdough starter culture! Yes, sourdough really is that versatile. I’ve been dying to share my favorite recipes for all of the above, but in order to do so, I first need to explain how to make a sourdough starter culture. But even before I can do that, I need to discuss some of the science behind sourdough….
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