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Activated Charcoal Face Mask Recipe with Matcha and Clay

Face masks are gaining popularity, in particular, charcoal face masks which are favoured for their ability to remove blackheads and excess oil and reduce pore size. But, don’t be fooled by the gimmicky, peel-off, charcoal face masks that claim to instantly remove blackheads – they are made primarily of glue and could actually be doing more harm than good!

DIY Activated Charcoal Face Mask Recipe

Dandelion Gardening Salve

Most of us are brought up to believe that dandelions are the enemy. Whether you pull them out or spray them with pesticides, they’re likely not a welcome addition to your well-manicured lawn. But contrary to popular belief, the dandelion is actually pretty remarkable. According to a recent article by CBC News, a biochemist at the University of Windsor has just been given a $217,000 grant to continue studying how effective dandelion root extract is in fighting cancer. Researchers have already shown how “repeated treatment with low dose dandelion root extract was effective in killing most of the cancerous cells.”

Dandelion Gardening Salve

After-Sun Soothing Spray

Yesterday, my family and I returned home from the beautiful Garden Island of Kaua’i, after a 10-day long vacation. Prior to leaving, I don’t think I’ve ever needed a vacation more I my life… but now that I’m home, I feel like I never want to leave again! As wonderful, sunny and warm the trip was, travelling with children is no joke. If you’ve ever caught a red-eye flight with two whiny/crying/over-tired kids and two adults sharing three seats… then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

After-Sun Soothing Spray

DIY Therapeutic Bath Bombs

A great part about owning your own skin care business is that you basically have gifts on-hand all the time. I don’t know how many times we’ve been running out the door for a party or event and my husband or I say to one another… “Should we bring something?” “I don’t know, grab some soap to be safe!”

DIY Bath Bombs

DIY Massage Oil for Pregnancy

It’s no secret that pregnancy is a strain on a woman’s body. At times, I remember feeling like I was going to rip open if my baby grew one more inch, and all the extra weight caused seriously achy joints and muscles. Thus, there’s no better time to pamper yourself then during pregnancy! And since you’re saving money by not purchasing margaritas and merlot, why not splurge on a professional massage from time-to-time (or all the time)! It’s one of the simple pleasures that expectant mothers are actually allowed to indulge in.

DIY Massage Oil for Pregnancy

Homemade Hairspray with Essential Oils

I often receive emails and messages from readers requesting recipes that they may not be able to find on the blog. By far, the most sought after DIY recipe has been homemade hairspray ! And I can totally see why – hair spray is a toxic shit-storm! Even though aerosol cans no longer contain ozone depleting CFC’s (chlorofluorocarbons), and haven’t since the 70’s when ozone depletion was brought to public attention, the can itself is just another form of human waste, destined for the land-fill. Not surprisingly, the  majority of popular hairspray brands on the Environmental Working Group website are rated…
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Homemade Hairspray

DIY Herbal Perineum Tea

I’ve lined of some great guest posts for the next several weeks to give me a chance to rest during the last week of my pregnancy and for when the baby is born (due date – today)! Today’s post is written by one of my favorite bloggers – Loriel, of Naturally Loriel. Loriel has very recently had her second baby, too, so she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to postpartum healing! I’m excited to try this DIY Herbal Perineum Tea for myself…hopefully sooner rather than later!  I never knew births could be so substantially different until I gave birth to…
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DIY Herbal Perineum Tea for Postpartum Healing

DIY Peppermint and White Chocolate Lotion Bars

These DIY Peppermint and White Chocolate Lotion bars smell good enough to eat and are the ideal moisturiser for seriously dry winter skin. They fit perfectly into your purse (or pocket – guys) without melting or goop-ing, and you can use them to rub on anything from chapped legs to to cracked lips!

Peppermint & White Chocolate Lotion Bars

DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub

If you’re planning on DIY-ing some Christmas gifts this year, be sure to add this DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub to your list! Go ahead and make some extra for yourself while you’re at it, because your absolutely going to love the way that this scrub make your skin feel! Read the full article over at Naturally Loriel!

Peppermint Sugar Scrub

How to Make Therapeutic Bath Salts

Is there anything more rewarding then slipping in to a hot bath after a long day? Pouring yourself a glass of wine, lighting a candle, and closing (maybe even locking!) the door, and just doing… nothing? Does that sound wonderful to you? If yes, then I envy you, because it sounds fairly unenjoyable for me. Unfortunately, I am one of those rare, odd-balls that find bathing, and even relaxing for that matter, an unproductive use of my time. Many times my thoughtful husband has tried to encourage my relaxation by drawing me a bath. The problem is, that once I get in, I lay there and think…
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How to Make Therapeutic Bath Salts