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Hi, I’m Carly, and welcome to my blog! I’m healing my family with real food and green, sustainable living, and this is our journey to health and wellness!

When I decided to start this blog, I promised myself that I would just be me, and that’s all. In order to do so, I need to start by acknowledging why I am who I am, and why I have the views on health and the environment that I do–and that is because of my mom. I love you, momma, thank you for teaching me the most important things in life: respecting the environment, “you are what you eat”, and “everything in moderation… including moderation” 🙂 My dad is also amazing, and had a huge role to play in my up-bringing, but considering he was the guy sneaking my brother and I Fruit-Loops and Root Beer, he isn’t as big of a motivating factor for this health-blog (Love you Pops!;))

Modern Hippie Housewife was a name inspired by my husband who’s been calling me a hippie since the day I started making my own deodorant. I added the modern because I don’t feel or look like a stereotypical hippie (right?) Housewife: that I am. And proud of it! A term with a sort of… negative connotation stuck to it…the Real Housewife TV-series didn’t help (no, I’m not gold-diggin’, wine-o—although, I do enjoy a nice glass of organic shiraz.)

What I am: I’m a mama, wife, environmentalist, food-fanatic, animal lover, vegetarian, forager and wanna-be chicken lady. I love the outdoors, exercising, a good belly-laugh, wine, cheese, and above all, my family! I have a passion for learning new things, and experiencing life to the fullest, which is why I challenged myself and my family (somewhere around summer 2011) to embark on a lifestyle transformation that involves toxin-free/eco-friendly living, and a real-food diet–back to the basics we went! My goal is to show you how beneficial and incredibly rewarding it is to live an organic, green and sustainable lifestyle–on a budget, as we do!

DSCN1534What I am not: I am not a scientist, doctor or nutritionist, but powered by my insatiable desire for learning, growth and the environment, I’ve created this blog, and I’m using it to share my journey with others who are interested in making a change too. If I’m doing all the research anyways, I thought I might as well share!

Becoming a mom was the motivation I needed to change our eating and consumption habits. Becoming a stay-at-home mom gave me that extra push to step-up my game, because not only does living a cleaner, greener, and simpler lifestyle make you feel awesome, it also does wonders for the bank account!
Since changing my lifestyle, some pretty cool things happened…

1. I feel better. I’ve always been “health” conscious (translation: I knew what foods to avoid eating to keep me skinny), but since I’ve stopped obsessing about my weight, and started making food choices based on nutrition and health, I’ve never been happier, healthier and more fulfilled (and I haven’t gained a pound).

2. We save money. It’s not only healthier to make your own food and products from scratch, it’s super easy, incredibly rewarding, and less expensive than the alternative (I bet you have all the ingredients in your house right now to remove even the WORST soap scum from your bathroom tiles, that is a fraction of the cost compared to a chemical-cleaners!)

3. Our environmental footprint has decreased. You will feel amazing knowing that the lifestyle that you are living is helping to preserve the environment for your children and future generations. For example, when you start cooking from scratch, you’re buying far less plastic and other packaging destined for the landfill. When you start making your own cleaning products, no longer are your toxic chemical cleaning products washing down the drain and contaminating ground, lake and ocean water. And the list goes on!

Changing your lifestyle and the way you think about food, health and the environment doesn’t happen overnight–it’s a slow transformation and takes time to essentially un-brainwash ourselves from what the food industry and health professionals have been telling us for years.

I was certainly not prepared to throw my beloved ketchup, deodorant and Windex in the trash until I found a suitable replacement.

If you can take away ONE thing from this blog that improves your day-to-day life, then it makes it all worth-while for me.

All feedback, tips and ideas are welcome and encouraged. We can grow together!

Your Modern Hippie Housewife,



P.S. This blog, which was once a hobby, creative outlet, passion project, and something to keep me busy when my first born was napping, has now transformed in to a full-time business, complete with it’s own Safe & Sustainable Skin Care line (which you can check out HERE!) I’m not complaining – I love how my passion has turn into a job that I don’t consider “work”. But whether or not I’m still considered a “housewife”, since I now work part/full-time from home… I’m not sure. Consider me the Modern Hippie Housewife At-Heart 🙂

Get to Know Me!

– I have two sweet (yet super sassy) daughters and a baby on the way! Our family also consists of a View More: http://cocophotography.pass.us/daley-weddingminiature daschund, Charles Poopington, and I harass my husband about getting chickens daily (so hoping to get some soon!)

– I live in a beautiful, ocean-side town on the West Coast of British Columbia, called Halfmoo
n Bay.

–  I went to University of Victoria, graduated with a BA in Economics, and worked as a Financial Advisor for a major Financial Institution, pre-children.

–  I’m extremely claustrophobic and have a fear of being underground. Once, I had to beCaving escorted out of the Hoover Dam because being that far underground triggered a panic attack–highly embarrassing. The only reason I’m smiling in the caving picture to the right is because I could finally see daylight (I didn’t realize my fear until I was deep into exploration).

–  I have the most supportive husband in the world, who encourages me to pursue my passion.

–   I met my husband, got married and had a baby (not in that order), all within 2 years, because I’m a hopeless romantic and think with my heart. Seven years later we’re still going strong!

– There’s few things I love more than great dance music and margaritas on a hot, sunny day.

– Aside from good food, travelling is a passion of mine – I’d love to see much more the world and dream of spending winters in a tropical country (next winter’s goal).

My Freakishly Photogenic Brother and I
My Freakishly Photogenic Brother and I.
Me and my Bestie
Ash and I have been best friends since we were 5!