Coconut Oil Coffee Creamer

Coconut Oil Coffee Creamer

The first time I’d heard about adding oil and fat to coffee, I’m sure the look on my face was a mix between confusion and disgust.

I mean, it’s not every day that you come across a drink containing coconut oil and butter! Especially in a society where we’re desperately trying to remove fat and calories from everything we consume. For me, this concept took some getting used to.

Not that long ago, I used to be one of those consumers.

I’d analyze calories without even glancing at the ingredients, and buy non-fat, French Vanilla coffee creamer, oblivious to the fact that palm-oil was the third ingredient, because at the time, being skinny was the priority, and that meant ditching fatty and high calorie foods.

Now that I’m “older and wiser,” and my priorities have shifted from “must be skinny” to “must to healthy,” I know that adding fat to your diet is not going to make you fat. Coconut oil, in particular, actually boosts your metabolism and helps burn calories!

Coconut Oil, unlike most oil, contains medium-chain fatty acids, instead of long-chain fatty acids (2). Medium chain fatty acids are metabolized differently than long-chain, which leads to a beneficial boost in metabolism (3). In this study, 1 to 2 tablespoons of medium chain fats (eg. coconut oil) per day increased energy expenditure by 5% — this totals to 120 calories per day.

But regardless of the health benefits, I’ve been adding coconut oil to my coffee for a couple years now because it just tastes SO good!

It doesn’t make your coffee greasy or coconut-y as one might think. Instead, this coconut oil coffee creamer will provide you with a rich and creamy coffee that is perfectly sweetened with honey and flavoured with cinnamon and vanilla. NO palm-oil, No preservatives, and No artificial sweeteners!

Pair this coffee with a nutritious breakfast and you’ve set yourself up for a pretty great day!

More Reasons why I LOVE my Coconut Oil Coffee Creamer:

  • Unlike adding cold milk or cream, coconut oil creamer doesn’t cool down my hot cup of coffee!
  • It doesn’t dilute the flavor. I like my coffee strong, and milk and cream, especially non-dairy milk, can water it down.
  • Coconut oil is always on-hand, whereas diary creamers expire and you’re sometimes stuck drinking black coffee, which just isn’t my thing.
  • I feel alert and energized for longer then I would with just coffee alone!

This is not Bulletproof® Coffee, which you may have read about, too. Bulletproof® coffee contains 1-2 tbsp. grass fed butter, 1-2tbs of Brain Octane or XCT oil (these are 18x and 6x stronger than coconut oil, with no flavor), and 1-2 cups of coffee – all blended in a blender. Although I now know that fat is good for you, consuming them in this quantity can have its downfalls!

Coconut Oil Coffee Creamer with Cinnamon & Vanilla

How to Make Coconut Oil Coffee Creamer

The ratios that I use are to my preferred sweetness and flavor. If you don’t like your coffee sweet, then leave out the honey or start using less.


Combine all of the ingredients in a bowl and stir or whisk together until they’re well combined.

Store in a glass jar with a sealed lid. You can store it in the cupboard and doesn’t need to be refrigerated as it won’t spoil.

How to Use Coconut Oil Coffee Creamer

Brew your favorite (fair-trade, organic!) cup of coffee (about 2 cups).

Add 1-2 tbsp. of coconut oil coffee creamer to your hot coffee.

At this point, you can also add a teaspoon of grass-fed butter, which I like to do if I have it on hand. This is totally optional and isn’t part of the creamer concoction, but it will enhance the creaminess and flavor!

Using a blender or mini bullet blender (I love my Magic Bullet), blend the coffee + creamer on high for about 5 seconds.

Pour into your special mug and enjoy 🙂

How to Make Iced Coffee

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124 comments on “Coconut Oil Coffee Creamer

  1. Hello, I live in Malaysia and the organic coconut oil that we get here is always liquefied, never solid or even soft. In this case, can I use the liquid form coconut oil to make this creamer recipe, and if so, how much should I add for the above recipe?

    1. Hi Nisha. Yes, you could you the liquid form since it melts in the coffee either way. Use the same amount. You may need to add the honey or sweetener separately because I imagine that it will separate from the oil but I’m not sure. You’ll have to just get creative and play around with the recipe because I don’t have experience using liquid coconut oil 🙂 Let me know how it turns out!

      1. It shouldn’t separate. I live in the South and can tell the temperature by how melted my coconut oil is. I blend it well and pop it in the cupboard.

    2. Hi. I would say: put your coconut oil in a refrigerator for a couple of minutes to solidify a little bit and there you have your soft oil instead of liquid form

    1. Absolutely necessary in order for the coconut oil to emulsify with the coffee! If you don’t blend it then the oil will just melt and pool at the top – not yummy at all.

          1. Hi! Just wanted to say I made a batch of this and decided I was too lazy to pull my blender out every morning, so I just mixed a spoonful into my piping hot coffee quickly and it mixed in really well! I love it! It adds a delicious light flavor. Thanks for the recipe!

  2. I am was curious since you have started trying to be focused on healthy and not on skinny have you gained weight? I feel like I am at that point in my life right now (trying hard to get away from artificial sweeteners, counting calories and the scale) but I am so afraid my weight is going to sky rocket 🙁 By the way I tried this and it is delicious!!!

    1. Hi Hilary! Since I switched my focus from being healthy to being skinny I haven’t gained a pound!! I’ve actually lost weight and I’m not obsessing about my weight all the time which is such a lovely relief! Fat and calories are not the enemy – processed food, preservatives, pesticides and artificial sweeteners are! I’m actually writing a blog post on this very topic at the moment. I understand how hard the transition can be to “un-brainwash” yourself, but trust me, you will be so happy that you did! Mentally, emotionally, and physically 🙂

  3. OMG! Tried this and I love it! Do you ever use other flavor combinations? I googled others but I only find coconut milk ones and they aren’t nearly as good. I was hoping for other options as this is now my go o creamer.

  4. I’ve been trying since yesterday to get a comment to post on here. I shared this recipe on a Trim Healthy Mama site and it received a lot of attention. Thank you so much for sharing it. I was getting tired of adding a little of this and a little of that to my coffee. This is SO much easier and looks so cute in my little mason jar by my coffee pot. I used Pyure instead of honey and it’s just wonderful! Getting ready to have some now!

    1. No, sorry. The oil really needs to melt in order to whip up and emulsify with the coffee. Maybe you can try whipping the creamer in to the coffee while it’s hot and then letting it cool?

      1. Hey! I blended it hot and then added ice later and it tasted awesome I also used almond extract since I was out of vanilla and it was wonderful!

  5. Hi! I understand this doesn’t HAVE to be refrigerated, but CAN it be? The mixture has a really great flavor! I’m just worried about it sitting out at room temp.

    1. Yes it CAN be if you want, but it won’t go bad if left out. All of the ingredients don’t require refrigeration, so why would you need to refrigerate it one they’re combined?

  6. Oh my goodness thank you for sharing this! I just made it and I am in heaven! This is perfect! I am curious to see if a protein blender cup (like Blender Ball) would mix it right if te coffee was hot enough. I have a magic bullet blender at home but I don’t think my job would appreciate me totting a blender in every day haha!

    1. Hi Katie, I’m not sure if that would work because I’ve actually never heard of a Blender Ball or protein blender cup – I suppose it’s worth a shot! I’ve only ever used my Magic Bullet.

    2. Not sure if you ended up trying the blender bottle or not, but I’ve been doing that and it still is somewhat oily at the top. But if you shake it hard enough & for about 30-60 seconds it really reduces the oily slick and incorporates much better and does produce a little foam.

  7. Just curious… If I am a 2 big cups a day drinker… how much am I putting in my coffee total if I’m making one at a time? I am a creamer and sweetener girl so this will be so different for me!

    1. That’s hard for me to answer because everyone is going to add a different amount to suite their taste! I use about 1.5-2 tbsp of this creamer per cup.

  8. Seriously delicious!! I like my coffee black, not a fan of creamers. But sometimes I like a little sweet flavor. This is perfect!!

  9. Love this! At first I tried just whisking it without blending-not tasty at all- but then I saw that you blend it and it is great!! Tastes just like a latte with none of the calories!

  10. I jus made this creamer an so far it taste good but I’m not so much of a hot coffee drinker is there any way to pair this with ice coffee

    1. You’re best bet for achieving an ice coffee with these ingredients is to blend the hot coffee with the creamer, let it cool, then blend it with ice. Another reader did this and said it turned out great 🙂

    1. I suppose you could… I wouldn’t know how much Stevia to add though so you’ll have to do some experimenting on your own 🙂 Hope it works out!

      1. Since I have starting drinking this and eating mostly fruits and veggies I just cant seem to lose weight. Any suggestions??

        1. Sorry Candy, that’s not really my area. I’d suggest talking to a nutritionist or someone who knows your whole picture.

    1. I mad it without vanilla because I’m out. But, I’d also recommend a food grade essential oil. Which is what I’m doing next! I didn’t know if I’d like it so I also only made a single serving (1 T coconut oil and 3/4 T of honey). It will emulsify with the coffee too so no worries about them floating on top.

    1. I’m really not sure Jodie, I don’t measure carbs or fat etc. All I know that the coconut oil is good for you, and that’s all that matters! But if you’re worried about weight gain, don’t. Coconut oil helps you burn fat – read the article 🙂

  11. Just curious, is it healthy to drink one cup with 2 tablespoons every day? I quit drinking coffee because I don’t like it black and wanted to stop drinking the store bought creamers. I just don’t want to slow down my weight loss by drinking this every day!

  12. I’ve been doing mine in my single cup ninja. It didn’t do it at first but it’s started exploding when i blend it. It does it when i do your mocha one too. Any idea what i need to do?

    1. It’s probably exploding because of the heat. Pressure will build up if there’s too much hot coffee in the ninja. Try adding less coffee or using a bigger blender 🙂

    2. I do mine in the ninja. I put it in hot, shake it by hand a bit then open it and let out the pressure. Then tighten it back on and blend.

  13. I only have a nutribullet for a blender. I am wondering how you got the magic bullet to work for hot coffee. They are sealed and if you add hot ingredients and close them to blend they ‘explode’ and make a mess.

  14. I actually don’t blend it and just add it to my really hot coffee every morning. It does separate a little, but I just stir it often. Blending takes too much time for me ha 😉 Thanks for the recipe though!

  15. For those who do not drink coffee (I saw in previous comments) I used to drink coffee but for the past 2 years I now drink only hot teas – I start every morning off with green tea or Matcha – I add the coconut oil, honey and cinnamon everyday as well – all the ingredients are super healthy for you for so many reasons. A great way to start the day!

    1. yes that will work. Only fill it 3/4 full because the pressure builds from the heat and it can be hard to get the lid off if too full. Only bed for 5 seconds max.

    1. Hi Mira,
      The shelf life on this is really long, because all of the ingredients have a a long shelf life and honey is antibacterial. It will last as long as a jar of coconut would last for.

  16. I’ve always liked the idea of including coconut oil in my coffee but I don’t love the overly ‘coconutty’ taste and aroma just on it’s own in black coffee. The addition of cinnamon and vanilla balances it out beautifully. Thank you for a fabulous recipe

  17. I’ve been hearing great things about coconut oil, my husband has tried it, and really loves it… but I’m allergic to coconut. Is there an alternative that is still effective at energy boosting?

    1. Hi Joanna, I’m not aware of any other oil that has the same effect as coconut oil. I also don’t think I’d want to add anything else to my coffee, taste wise… If I hear of something I’ll let you know! I get that question quite a bit.

  18. I tried this recipe this morning and it is SO good!! Thank you so much! I struggled with finding a creamer option for my coffee and this is perfect!! I’m so excited!!

  19. I just made this… And it is seriously amazing. I wanted to replace my creamer with something. and this is just one more small change for me! 🙂

  20. Pinned this to my Pinterest board ages ago and just finally made it this morning as I, somehow, happened to have everything on hand. It’s sooo good! And blending it gives it a bit of a frothy consistency so it’s almost like a latte. Thanks for the great recipe!!

  21. How is this for those of us that like neither sweeteners nor flavors in our coffee? How would you suggest changing the recipe?

    1. If you’re just used to milk or cream and no sweeteners or flavours, just use straight coconut oil, about a tbsp and blend.

  22. Hi I am on my second batch of this coconut oil coffee creamer, but this time I cut back to a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of coconut organic sugar it came out excellent. Thanks for the recipe I’ve been passing it out and on to my family.

  23. I have a strange question. I want to blend this in a blender in the morning but my kids are sleeping and both of my blenders are LOUD as hell. I can’t even handle that much SOUND pre-coffee! Is your magic bullet quiet? I need rec for a quiet blender… I can’t believe this hasn’t been invented yet!

  24. I made this earlier today and left it on the counter and the coconut oil melted and it separated from the honey. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

    1. Hi Allie, you must have a really warm kitchen! Yes, just cool the mixture (in your case you’ll probably have to put it in the fridge), take it out once it’s solidified and let it warm up just until its soft enough to whip up again. Then you may want to consider leaving it in a cooler part of the house, fridge or pantry.

    1. Sorry, no I don’t, I don’t track them, but it should be easy enough to do so using the recipe above and a simple Google search 🙂

  25. Hello! First of all, THANK YOU!!! I’m in love with this recipe. I’ve also been adding a small amount of ghee to my coffee every few days with this recipe and I love it! My question is- is there such a thing as too much? I’m a multiple cup of coffee kind of girl (especially on the weekends!) and I’ve been nervous to use my creamer more than once a day because of the amount of fat (healthy or otherwise…) so I’ve been drinking any second or third cups black (blech!) any opinions on if this creamer should only be used once daily?

  26. At 59 yrs.old & trying hard to change to Heart Healthy foods for my husband’s heart disease. I invested in Coconut Oil & mixed this recipe together. I don’t know if it’s my imagination or the coffee but after just 2 days I feel much better & my husband seems to have more energy!
    Thank you so much!

  27. Would you happen to be able to provide nutritional info? I’m curious about the fat grams per serving. Trying to get more of those “good fats” in! 🙂

  28. can i just blend the coffee with the coconut oil and then use, I do not like to add honey or cinnamon, does it work like that ? and also does it help to loose weight or or only it is for good morning coffee taste

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