10 Reasons to Spring Clean with Norwex

Spring Cleaning with Norwex

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I don’t know what it is, but the transition into spring gives me and overwhelming urge to clean and purge!

It must be the way the sun hits sticky finger prints and illuminates dust this time of year…or maybe something psychological entices me to start fresh, clear the cobwebs, wipe the slate clean, so to speak, at the change of the season.

Whatever the reason, spring cleanliness has got a hold on me, right in time to discover a certain, revolutionary, cleaning tool. I’d heard rumours about these super-duper-cleaning-cloths from friends, and now I see what all of the fuss is about.

I’m talking about Norwex micro-fiber cleaning cloths! Have you heard?

I’m sure you have. There’s quite a lot of hype around Norwex products, and I’ll admit, I was very skeptical at first. As I began testing these micro-fiber cleaning cloths for review, specifically, the “Norwex Antibac Enviro Cloth” (a bit of a mouthful, I know) and Polishing Cloth, I went into it with an open-mind, and as my skeptical self.

Norwex carries many eco-friendly cleaning products, but today, I’m talking about the micro-fiber cleaning cloths, and giving  you my honest, product review:

Norwex micro-fiber cleaning cloths work. They work really well. And considering that they only require water, I am thoroughly impressed. My skepticism has been put to rest.

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How Do They Work?

Norwex micro-fiber cleaning cloths use incredibly fine micro-fiber (as fine as a human hair split 200 times), which give them the abilty to pic up everything in their path.  They also eliminate the need for chemical cleaners (and if you’ve read my post on cleaners, then you know how much a loathe them) because all you need is water!

But what sets these micro-fiber clothes apart, is the silver embedded within the cloth.

Yes, silver!

The silver (not the dreaded nano kind) is incorporated into the cloth during production, in liquid form, and inhibits bacterial growth and odour. No more stinky cloths laying around harvesting bacteria, these cloths themselves are antibacterial.

Use them dry: The microfiber functions as a magnet on dust. Dust and dirt are attracted and bound to the microfiber surface by static charge.

Use them wet: Adding water, and just water, to these clothes, gives them the ability to remove dirt and grime. Simply wet the cloth, wring, and wipe away dirt and debris from all washable surfaces.

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10 Reasons to Spring Clean with Norwex!

Norwex carries many eco-friendly cleaning products, but today, I’m talking about the anti-bacterial micro-fiber cleaning cloths (a.k.a. Norwex Antibac Enviro Cloth).

Norwex micro-fiber cleaning cloths…

1. are better for your health. Because these clothes only require water to clean, you no longer need to saturate you home in chemical cleaners that you’re stuck inhaling while you “clean.”

2. are antibacterial. The silver in the cloth prevents them from growing bacteria or developing an odour – the cloths themselves are anti-bacterial!

3. are environmentally friendly. Since there is no need for chemical cleaners, these cloths prevent toxins from ending up in our lakes, streams, rivers and oceans, which are detrimental to marine ecosystems.

4. get the job done! These micro-fibre cleaning clothes really work! Paired with the “polishing” cloth, you can acheive the cleanest glass you’ve ever seen.

5. require less effort, a.k.a. “elbow grease”, to clean your home, which makes for a much quicker clean, too.

6. are a one time investment that will save you money. Unlike cleaners and paper towel, these clothes don’t “run out.”

7. allow your kids to help you clean! There’s no way I’d let my daughter near chemical cleaners, but with these micro-fibre clothes, your little one will be happy to “help.”

8. are easy to clean and maintain. Because these clothes are embedded with micro-silver, there’s no need to throw them in the washing machine after every clean. Simply rinse them out (if they’re not too grimey) and hang to dry. When they’re ready to go in the wash, throw them in any machine – no special treatment required.

9.  are easy to store and take up very little space. Think of the space you’d have if you got rid of the 10+ chemical cleaners that linger under your sink, and replaced them with a couple micro-fiber cloths?

10. eliminate worry. You don’t have to be concerned about locking up your cleaning supplies, or storing them up high so that your kids and animals can’t get ahold of them – if they get a hold of a cloth – no worries. If they color on the wall – no worries. If they spill their juice – no worries.

Bonus Reason! Norwex micro-fiber cleaning cloths are versatile and can clean any surface in your home, including stainless steel.

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Meet Elisabeth

Elisabeth GratzI have always been passionate about our environment. In my teens I went to demonstrations against nuclear power and taught my mum how to recycle.  Cleaning with chemicals was something I despised, but for the lack of alternatives, got used to.

What I never got used to, however, was the residue these chemicals left behind. When I became a mum this bothered me a lot. Bathing my precious newborn in a tub with chemical residue made my stomach turn.

A friend introduced me to Norwex and I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get everything shiny and clean. I was amazed to find that if you can skip the process of endless scrubbing and cleaning off chemical residue you actually save so much time!

Now that I have a preschooler, I can honestly say that using Norwex has made me a calmer mum. Sticky juice on the couch, marker on the dining room table, crayons on the walls, accidents on the carpet … no problem, I know that all of it can be cleaned up with little effort in a matter of minutes 🙂 – Elisabeth Gratz, Independent Norwex Sales Leader

Contact Elizabeth, for more information on Norwex products, to order, or to discuss hosting your own Norwex Home Party! Email: elisabeth.green.clean.living@gmail.com

Check out Elisabeth’s WebsiteFaceBookYouTubeNorwex Catalouge & Pricing.

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Please note: Norwex does not use nano silver. Instead the company infuses micro silver into the nylon and polyster fibre (as a point of reference, a nanometre is one-billionth of a metre and a micrometre is one-millionth of a metre). The silver doesn’t leach from their cloths and can’t be released into the environmentl unless the fabric itself breaks down – Norwex’s global technical advisor, Sheri Gauthier.

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  1. I love Norwex too! One thing about washing them though- you must use a biodegradable detergent (which I’m sure you are!). I love Norwex’s laundry soap. A standard detergent like Tide is full of fillers that bind to the microfibres and make it ineffective.

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