5 Reason Why I Love My Diva Cup!

DIva Cup

Warning: this conversation is not for boys or immature women. I will be talking about periods, tampons and vaginas. Okay, so there’s your warning.

I have to write this post, even though I know my friends are cringing, just as I did when my mom told me about the Diva Cup for the first time, because it has changed my life and it can change yours too!


Quickly, and without going into too much detail, I’ll explain what the Diva Cup is. The Diva Cup is a re-useable, silicone, menstrual cup that is inserted in to your vagina, and is used to collect blood during “that time
of the month.” It sits snugly and comfortably without being noticed. A couple times a day, you gently remove it, empty it’s contents into the toilet, rinse it out, and re-insert. It’s a super quick, easy, and clean process, and is not as bizarre as it sounds.

My Diva Cup Story…

When my mom first told me about the Diva Cup about a year ago, I was completely weird-ed out and changed the subject immediately because I just don’t like talking about periods with my mom, and it sounded like another one of her hippie gizmos–I guess I’m immature that way. She would tell me how much she loved it, and was pretty persistent about getting the info across to me–at one point she even told me that she was sad menopause was ahead of her because she didn’t get to use her Diva Cup anymore! Every time I’d hear her say “Diva Cup,” I’d cringe, and tell her to stop with the flippin’ Diva Cup talk. So just for fun, she started to call me “Diva-Cup-Face”–because she’s immature like that.

Finally, I came around and decided to order one, try it out, and…I’ve never looked back!!! I don’t know why every woman doesn’t use a menstrual cup! I understand that idea may take it little time to digest and wrap your head around, because it did for me, and most of us ladies are so used to the disposable alternative, but I urge you to get “over it” and give the Diva-Cup a try!

5 Reason Why I Love My Diva Cup!

  1. I never have to buy tampons again! This is such an awesome concept–tampons add up, and I’m so happy that I no longer have to buy them. Just a one-time investment of $35, and I’m set for who knows how long! The savings alone is worth it.
  2. I don’t have a bathroom garbage full of unnecessary waste! I have a small dog and a toddler that get in to EVERYTHING, and thanks to the Diva Cup, I no longer have to worry about locking up my garbage can under the sink, or insuring the bathroom door is closed! I enjoy not having a garbage that contains my monthly mess.
  3. The Diva Cup WAY better for the environment. Think of all the tampons that are flushed and thrown away in the world! Check out this article by The Chic Ecologist, about the environmental impact of feminine hygiene products–it’s such an interesting read!
  4. The Diva cup is WAY healthier choice. “Cotton” tampons contain chemicals and ingredients that are not regulated by the FDA, and are most likely not even made of cotton, but instead, rayon, viscose, or wood fluff pulp. To get tampons white, they are bleached with chlorine, which, among other things, is exposing you to carcinogens. On the flip side, the Diva Cup is made of silicone which is safe when used internally, and does not leach into your body.
  5. I never run out! Never again will you have to worry about running out of tampons. As long as you have access to a washroom, you’re set!

If you’re thinking about ordering the Diva Cup, here are a couple things that you should know:

  • It is a bit awkward the first time you use it.
  • It takes a little practice to find a leak-free position.
  • There are two models. Model #1 for women who haven’t had a baby, and Model #2 is for women who have had a baby.
  • Pack a tampon for a long plane ride…just trust me on this one, that’s another story.
  • You may feel a little bit “cooler” than your other tampon-using friends.

I bought my Diva Cup, Model #2 (for big vaginas?), from Amazon. Click on one of the pictures below to order your Diva Cup! Thanks for listening, and best of luck, ladies!

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19 comments on “5 Reason Why I Love My Diva Cup!

  1. Carly you made me laugh out loud (mostly the talk of big vaginas because I happen to be immature like that) but I have seen these and thought “eww”. I trust you and your mom on this cringe worthy topic and I’m all about modern ways to live a simpler greener life so I’m sold, it can’t hurt to try . Thanks for the laugh & the feedback .

    1. Hey Mel! I’m happy that you can appreciate this! The only way to talk about an awkward topic is to throw in a little vagina-humor. Hope your D-Cup works out for you 🙂

  2. Dear Diva Cup Face ♥
    I am so proud of you girl for posting this informative and hilarious piece of brilliants !
    You are a true leader for all woman.

    Love mom ♥

  3. what if you have a super heavy flow? there’s no way I could use this while at work because the stall is not near the sink. any ideas? also, what about the risk of infection? how do you sterilize it?

    1. I’m really not concerned about the infection-factor–I use very clean hands to remove and insert it, and I boil it in between cycles.

      As for the public washroom issue. I am still trying to figure that one out myself! But you don’t necessarily have to clean it every time you take it in and out. As long as your hands or clean, you can just pop it back in…it’s going back to the same place. And using a liner helps with heavy flow problems.

      Thanks for your comment 🙂


      1. I have been using one for over 10 years, and LOVE it. I use them in public washrooms all the time. I wash my hands before using it, and give it and extra good wash when I have access to a sink. I have never had an issue. I also boil it between cycles. I have a super heavy flow, and it holds much more than even the most absorbent tampon. I have some of these http://www.goddessmoons.com liners, that I use on my very heavy days, just to be safe.

  4. Hey everybody,

    I’ve had my diva cup for roughly 9 years – so I consider myself a pro B-)

    Here is what my experience is with heavy periods and public washrooms:

    1. I actually like it better on heavy days because I don’t have to take care of it as often. It has a far better capacity than a tampon. However – yes, there is a moment when it’s overflowing and that ain’t pretty which is why I’d still keep up emptying it. You learn your rhythm though and get better over time. Some of my friends told me that they will use tampons on the very first day when it’s too much for them to handle. It still reduces a ton of waste if you are a part-time diva cup user! 🙂

    2. Public washrooms. It’s not that bad. I usually will take a little water bottle into the stall with me and just rinse it over the toilet bowl. You could also wipe it out with some toilet paper but i like a wet and clean-looking cup better. during camping or in disgusting toilets using some hand sanitizer before handling my lady business makes me feel better.
    After all – traveling in countries where there is no garbage in the bathrooms or when you’re camping – disposal of your waste just got SO much easier – it’s really worth it. 🙂

    Good luck!


    1. Hi Clarissa,

      Thank you so much for your professional feedback 😉

      I know readers will find this very helpful, as I did! Go Diva Cup!

      Thanks again,


    2. Hi I read your comment And found it very helpful for a noobie! But I had one question (this could be for anyone who has the answer) I was wondering when you go swimming how long can you keep the cup in? Because with a tampon you have to take it out right when your done. (well in my experiences) and does it absorb/fill up the water? Or do I not have to worry about it??? Thanks so much! Like I said I’m new and haven’t even used it yet.

      1. Hi Grace, I really wouldn’t worry about it at all when swimming. It’s silicone so it’s not going to absorb anything like a tampon would. Plus, the cup creates a good seal so water wouldn’t pass through either.

  5. Okay I just got one of these and every time I attempt to put it in the cup pops out when I try to close the seal. Its going all the way in so I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Please help!!!!

    1. Hmmm… I really can’t answer that. Keep tryin’! That’s all I can say. It’s trail and error at the beginning until you get used to it. Good luck!

  6. I have a few questions. When you lay down with it on, could it all fall out of the cup and back into your vagina? Would it make swishing noises when you move around? Is it easy to balance or when you pull it out could it all spill all over the floor? When you pinch the bottom to pull it out could it spill? Thank you.

    1. Hi Hannah. No, it doesn’t fall out when you lay down, or make a swishing sound. When you change it, you are sitting on the toilet, so it just dumps directly into the toilet without spilling on the floor.

  7. this is my 2nd official month using a menstrual cup… and I ADORE IT…………….. as you say takes a bit of fiddling about, but its so easy…. as long as your not afraid of your vagina, youll be ok. as for heavy flows, you would be surprised that the blood you pass isnt that much, inthe grand scheme of things. 10-15 ml the cup hold up to 20ml.. empty it down the loo, and pop it back in. I always keep a packet of kandoo bum wipes in a little baggie, take it in with me to clean up any spills.. the mess is no different to that of taking out a used tampon, no smell, no bacteria. wash at home everyday during my period with soap and warm water. let it steep over night in cup of water with baby bottle sterilising solution. let air dry. pop in the bag. and bob is yer uncle! you can even pop it in the day before you are due… its completely safe, so you wont be caught out.. awesome,

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